We have formed a 7 partner consortium including three public bodies and NGOs from France, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania to realize our goals. Scroll down and find out more about each of us!


Karolina Lebourg

Created by a group of dedicated professionals of education who have over the years built a wide expertise on European issues, L.E.A.R.N. Institute is a non-profit organization which focuses on spreading awareness of European culture, values and ideals and aims to inspire action to increase participation in the life of the European community by the citizens of our region and beyond. Our members are especially experienced in Erasmus projects concerning education (KA101 and KA229) which they have been leading for over ten years now both as partners and coordinators. Our organization is primarily focusing on two main actions- training for educational staff from all over Europe in different fields (ex. ICT, multiculturalism, sustainable development, e-learning, leadership, language development and much more) and trainings for youths and adults with different difficulties. We also share a keen interest on the place of women in society and youths in entrepreneurship focusing on personality development and help them to gain a healthy thirst for knowledge and a determination to achieve their goals. We collaborate with numerous sport associations, primary schools, local authorities and youths organisations. The three leading staff members of our organization are unpaid volunteers who run activities and projects on their free-time. As for September 2020, the number of other members actively participating in the life of our organization amounts to 43.


Jesús Lozano

Inercia Digital is an Andalusian SME founded in 2010 and specialized in training and innovation in digital and entrepreneurial skills on an international level. It is certificated as Innovative young business by AENOR, accredited as an Erasmus+ center for education and vocational training, named a member of the «Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition» by the European Commission and it’s implicated in the European Green Digital Coalition.

Its mission is to promote internationally digital and innovation competences and education entrepreneurial, for professional people and all the citizens in general.  Its vision is being an Excellence Vocational Training Center on an international level through the continuous improvement of education and innovation.

Inercia Digital is an expert in the development of international education projects, for promoting innovation and fostering digital competences, having participated in many european educational projects, that promote digital innovation (Erasmus+ program, Lifelong Learning Program, Tempus and CYTED), that gives a wide experience in the creation of educational platforms, websites, pedagogical and educational contents.


Karolis Stirbys

Darnoje was founded on 2016 Located in Pavartėnai, Lithuania. We are group of experienced educated, active and social people. Our public institution Darnoje is a NGO. We were working like a group from 2011. For now we have 4 different trainers, 2 project managers and 2 volunteers. All persons involved in this application have great experience in their field of social, self development and environmental issues. We have huge friend and contact list, which can always join and support us in the field where we are not strong enough. We are learning and sharing experience from each other by doing.
All trainers worked with carrier planning. In past 3 years we are implementing various trainings and seminars in different topics, such us: personal grow, self confidence, communication, healthy life, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, survival skills. Our team members participate in many contests and seminars in Lithuania in last 8 years. Sometimes we help for other organizations to make contests or projects in our country. Karolis Stirbys and Dalius Beginskas participated in more than 50 international projects, meetings, conferences in all Europe, and gain a lot of practice and experience which can be shared among all partners. This experience can help to reach different aims and goals.



Elpis Association is a young non-profit organization of Västerås, Sweden with focus on meeting the demands of pupils with special needs and of underprivileged youth. Elpis Association is aiming for the development of the community through sports, educational, cultural and social activities in order to improve the organization and to serve the civil society by identifying and promoting values, inclusion of underprivileged groups through sports and cultural activities, by offering education and training and re-training in order to support labor market insertion of young people and adults, to motivate
the young student and to help them to achieve the skills needed on labor market. The association was founded by three teachers with a strong educational background, with very good individual experience as project managers, assistant manager, and coordinators of activities. These teachers are international trainers on informal and non-formal education.
They are working in cooperation with local education organizations, council and universities to develop and implement new and suitable educational and didactics methods to include all categories of students in educational process and to prepare them for local and international labor markets. We are organized in departments: Education, Voluntary activity, Media and communication. We count 25 members and volunteers. Elpis Association is working in partnership with schools to support the educational process through non formal and informal activities in schools, under the school time
and after-school time. We have assumed a role being considered active in our community, developing actions in partnerships with public institutions such as County Library, Museums, Police Sections, Arbetsförmedlingen, other NGOs, companies, etc.

Menteşe Sosyal Hizmet Merkezi Müdürlüğü



Menteşe Social Service Center Directorate was opened in Menteşe district in 2013, under the Muğla Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services. In Menteşe Social Service Center Directorate; There is an Application, Detection and Monitoring Unit, Implementation Unit (Disabled and Elderly Services, Child Services, Women’s Services), Education and Counseling Unit, Martyrs’ Relatives and Veterans Service Unit. Menteşe Social Service Center Directorate provides the easiest and easiest way to provide protective, preventive, supportive, developing services and guidance and counseling services to children, youth, women, men, disabled, elderly individuals and their families by identifying those in need, performing social service intervention and follow-up. is a daily social service organization responsible for presenting and coordinating these services in an accessible manner, in cooperation with public institutions and organizations, local administrations, universities, non-governmental organizations and volunteers when necessary.



Emre ÇAY

Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education is the top institution responsible for the administration of the official and private education institutions and all the teachers who are serving in these institutions. Duties of Muğla Provincial
Directorate of National Education:

1) Duties on improving education:

–  To ensure the implementation of the education and training curriculum

– To carry out the tasks and procedures related to course books ,training materials and educational materials and to ensure their effective usage

– To ensure equality opportunity in education

– To carry out works that will support and increase the access to education

– To carry out research, development and case studies related educational institutions and students

– To develop and implement educational projects and to get benefit from the results – To follow national and international researches and projects and to get benefit from them

– To carry out the tasks in cooperation with public and private stakeholders in education – To develop effective and student-centered education policies and to promote good practices.

2) Duties on educational institutions;

– To provide cooperation among educational institutions

– To ensure the improvement of administrative capacity and management quality of educational institutions

– To promote good practices in educational institutions and to provide their dissemination

– To take measures for eliminating the qualitative and quantitative differences among educational institutions -To carry out activities that will provide educational support of parents and other parties

3) Duties on students;

– To plan and carry out guidance and orientation activities

– To carry out activities to improve students’ sense of belonging to school and report the results

– To carry out works related with national and international social, cultural ,sport activities of students – To carry out activities to improve students’ success

-To take measures to prevent early school leaving -To carry out works concerning students’ extra- curricular activities

4)Duties on monitoring and evaluation;

– To monitor and evaluate the directors of educational institutions

– To monitor and evaluate the implementation of educational curriculum

– To monitor and evaluate the usage of educational materials

– Doing and implementing projects and researches on the vocational development of teachers.

– Monitoring the national and international developments on the inservice trainings of the teachers.

– Conducting the passport and abroad procedures of the staff. Eu Projects Department has a duty in providing training and advice about EU relations in co-operation with international organisations and institutions. This department organizes regular trainings ,courses,workshops on the demanded subjects required by the EU Accessing process as well as Project Cycle Management (PCM) E.U grants,Erasmus+ programme.

– Investment Services

Learning for Integration ry



The purpose of the organisation is to advance the learning of languages in the Nordic countries, help in integration of immigrants and development of a multicultural society. In order to implement its purpose, the organisation aims to develop and make accessible teaching material, applications and e-learning platforms. The organisation runs several activities, such as activities for migrants, language cafes, workshops, language and culture events and participates in several EU and Nordic projects on the topic of language learning and teaching, migration, integration, media education, social issues and citizenship, entrepreneurship, equality, as well as technology, digital skills and training. Learning for Integration ry has a large network of connections with migrant, refugee, social and women’s organisations (e.g. Monika-naiset, Moniheli ry, Luckan Integration, InterNations, Jolly Dragon), schools and teachers in the Helsinki area (incl. International School of Helsinki). We also have many international partners in Europe through previous projects. We have vast networks and we can disseminate the results and information developed in the projects to organisations, schools, training centres, and authorities in Finland. We also use social media to a great extent, our organisation FB page has 330 followers, and we have a large community of language learners in our Café Lingua Helsinki language café group on Facebook (10,000+ people) and a community of teachers The Language Menu (3000+ members) via our social partners, as well as an international Erasmus+ dissemination group (5000+ members). We are also present on LinkedIn and Twitter and are able to create other social media accounts for the project where needed.

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